Our company

        Our company was founded in 2000 and is established in Drosia, Attiki. We specialize in drainage maintenance, and water saving services.

Having as “beacons” the sustainable development and improvement of the quality of the provided services, we continuously evolve, based on new technologies and the training of human resources.

Our services

          The services we provide are: drainage occlusion – cleaning, drainage pipes inspection with a camera, radiolocation, pipes repair without digging, rain water pumping from big depths, cooperation with tankers for the evacuation of waste waters.

Our company supports you with experienced technicians and the most updated machines in the Greek market. Our 15 year experience guarantees that we have faced successfully similar problems as yours, again and again. Call us 24 hour a day, 365 days per year.

Areas we service

The sewage occlusion, radiolocation, and rain water pumping and sewage evacuation services: The north eastern suburbs of Athens.

The drainage repairs without digging and inspection with a camera: In the whole of Greece.


We have pride in being the first company in Greece in our sector that comes to you with a decreased energy footprint.

The nature of such work has a great impact on the environment. In our field pollutants are produced from the transportation and the use of machinery and consume natural resources such as water.

In our effort to reduce carbon footprint and water consumption of our company we follow a series of actions A) We apply new “green” technologies in the transportation and we use machinery that reduces the CO2 and the consumption of water. B) We undertake compensative actions (participation with trees planting) C) We inform the public – users about water savings, recovery and reuse of water. D) We apply the itinerary management system from the office which connects the latter based of the smaller distances. Fewer kilometers, smaller consumption, lower CO2 emissions. E) We introduce and apply technologies for the protection of the aquifer from leakage of drainage networks (with the CIPP and Relining methods) and for saving water from leakage (Localization of leaked water).



 Dionysou 38, Drosia

14572, Hellas

Tel +30 2106211245

Mob +30 6977213847

[email protected]






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